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August 31-September 8, 2012

I'm joining an expedition up the Amazon river with a group that serves the small villages with medical and dental services. I'm not a doctor and haven't played one on TV, but I'll be contributing by helping out the villagers with things like house painting, minor construction, and otherwise letting them know that they are worthy of love and care.

How to Donate (it's tax deductible!)

  1. Visit Bel Air Presbyterian Church's website: http://www.belairpres.org/default.aspx?page=500194 and click "Online Giving." 
  2. Click "2012 Short Term Mission Trip Contributions." 
  3. Click "Contribute as a guest." 
  4. Fill out your info (So the church can send you a receipt for your gift and a tax statement at the end of the year). 
  5. Select the "Brazil #2 (Aug 31 - Sep 13)" option. 
  6. Type "Drew Clayton" where it says "My gift was solicited by the following team member of the mission trip noted." 
  7. Click "Contribute Now." 
  8. Enter your payment info

That's it! Now you can recline, knowing that your selfless act means people in a poor and otherwise-neglected community will enjoy

Photos of the People

Click through the gallery to see the beautiful people of the river, our boat, and some of the work that has been done in previous years. (Photos courtesy of Sacha Radford)