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Anna and Zeke's Rainy Beach Portraits

Anna and Zeke hold a dear place in my heart. They were my first wedding clients when I decided to go into business for myself. We still talk multiple times a year, so when we got together the other week to shoot portraits of them and their darling pup Victor, I was surprised to realize I hadn't actually photographed them since their wedding day

Los Angeles is simply ridiculous in its ban on dogs from its coastline. I found one stretch of beach in northern (WAY northern) Malibu at Leo Carillo Beach where you are allowed to have dogs on the sand, though they still have to be leashed. Turns out, the drive was worth it, because Leo Carillo is a stunning setting. 

It had been raining off and on all day, so the light was nice and subtle thanks to the cloud cover. The color, the softness -- I love the rain.

Just as the rain hit.

Just as the rain hit.