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Preparing for Brazil 2013

Photo courtesy of Sacha Radford

Photo courtesy of Sacha Radford

I'm getting ready to head back to the Amazon River for the second year in a row. I'll be travelling with teams from Bel Air Presbyterian Church in LA and Igreja Presbiteriana de Manaus in Brazil as we bring medical services to the gorgeous, unbelievably hospitable people who live in small villages up river who have no regular access to health care. 

The J.J. Mesquita -   Photo courtesy of Sacha Radford

The J.J. Mesquita - 

Photo courtesy of Sacha Radford

We'll be travelling for a week on a double-decker boat called the J.J. Mesquita. While the living conditions are not exactly cruise ship level, it boasts medical bays, a dentist office, and a pharmacy, all of which will be staffed by medical volunteers accompanying us on the trip. The boat pulls up on shore in a village, drops the gangplank, and people come on board to get help free of charge.

Those of us without medical skills will head into the villages to paint houses, help with construction, do arts and crafts with the kids. Of course, as a photographer, I'll be documenting the whole amazing experience. Here are some of my favorite moments from last year's trip. 

How to Donate (it's tax deductible!)

Your contribution goes to helping us cover the team's airfare, running the boat, and stocking our medical supplies. 

  1. Visit Bel Air Presbyterian Church's website: http://www.belairpres.org/default.aspx?page=500194 and click "Online Giving." 
  2. Click "Contribute Now" next to "2013 Mission Journey Contributions." 
  3. Click "Contribute as a guest." 
  4. Fill out your info (So the church can send you a receipt for your gift and a tax statement at the end of the year). 
  5. Select the "Brazil #1 (Summer)" option. 
  6. Type "Drew Clayton" where it says "My gift was solicited by the following team member of the mission trip noted." 
  7. Click "Contribute Now." 
  8. Enter your payment info

That's it! Now you can recline, knowing that your selfless act means people in a poor and otherwise-neglected community will enjoy the benefits of kindness that stretches around the globe.